Career development: A Senior Software Developer's Insight

Ivan, our Senior Software Developer, has been at Leapwise for three years. Recently, after successfully fulfilling his yearly goals, he became a Tech Lead for the BSS/OSS team.

Here's his insight on our career development process:

" The performance measurement process at Leapwise is composed of three parts: a review of the team the individual works with, a review of the company, and a review of personal progress, including updates on the execution of previous goals. Regarding the team review, it covers several segments such as cohesion, balance, decision-making, and so on. I believe this approach creates a valuable space for discussions on how to maximize performance, harmony, and trust within the team, among other aspects. This is especially beneficial for Tech Leads, as it serves as a tool for more effective team management. The part in which we review the company is also good because it provides management with valuable insights into employee satisfaction, how the company affects us and our progress, whether we are satisfied with internal communication and knowledge transfer, and whether we have all the necessary tools and support to reach the next step in our career. This segment creates a great space for a two-way feedback. In the part focused on introspection and review of our own work, we concentrate on previous achievements and receive feedback on areas for improvement. We also review the goals we set in the previous cycle and establish new ones. We revise the goals after six months, conducting an overview of the current progress towards achieving them to determine whether we are on the right track or if we're stuck and need help. The purpose of each performance review is to create a new individual development plan, with goals and personal reviews defined in a way that properly guides us both professionally and personally. The OKRs and KPIs we agree on with management are an extra push, as most goals are related to a project the person is working on, and they always include additional education or certification. As a newly appointed Tech Lead, I am quite satisfied with this approach; I think it is comprehensive, fair, and beneficial for the professional development of each team member. "

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